Photo collier argent massif 925 oxyde de zirconium les bijouteurs

How is 925 sterling silver made?

925 silver is a precious metal very often used in jewelry.
But what does the number 925 mean? It corresponds to 925/ 1000th , the proportion of pure silver in the alloy that composes it. This means that 925 silver is 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals, most often copper. This alloy makes the silver harder and thus easier to work with for jewelry design. 925 silver is the finest quality of silver that can be found on the jewelry market. All the jewels offered by LES BIJOUTEURS are in 925 silver.

In addition, the silver that makes up our jewelry is rhodium-plated. What does that mean ? This means that a layer of rhodium is deposited by electrolysis on the jewelry in order to protect it, to make it brighter and whiter. Indeed, a classic silver jewelry, not rhodium, is inevitably brought to tarnish and blacken by oxidation, and it will therefore have to be maintained much more often.
Rhodium is an extremely rare and rare metal that was discovered in 1803.

To restore luster and shine to your silver jewellery, you can clean it regularly with a soft cloth or a chamoisine. You can also use a product suitable for silverware.