Maintenance tips

All jewelry offered by Les Bijouteurs is designed to last and withstand everyday life. Carefully selected, our jewels are created in high quality materials, they are water resistant and do not blacken.
However, if you love your jewelry as much as we do, it is important that you take care of it so that it can last as long as possible and does not lose its shine.

Here are some tips for pampering your jewelry:

Avoid contact with water, especially for jewelry gilded with gold, to keep the shine of the plating as long as possible.
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Put on your jewelry after your beauty treatment to avoid any contact with perfume, cosmetics or chemicals.
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Give your jewelry a good nights sleep because it needs a rest too. Take them off before going to sleep or during your physical activities, this will prevent your necklaces and bracelets from intertwining with each other.
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When you are not wearing them, store your jewelery in the small boxes or pouches that we provide, so that they are always protected from exposure to the sun, sources of heat and humidity.
Little tip: leave the clasps of your bracelets and necklaces outside the pouches so they don't get tangled.
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From time to time, dedicate a moment of beauty to your jewelry by rubbing it with a chamois or a soft cloth. Your jewelry will then regain all its shine.